1. I understand So cal Hotties TOPLESS MAID Cleaning Service provides a house cleaning service solely for the purpose of house cleaning and entertainment. I understand So Cal Hotties Topless Maid Service does not provide any form of escort service or illegal activity.

2. All Clients Must be 18 years of age or older to book and be present for all Maid Services. NO

3. Payment is due upon booking your appointment.

4. Any attempt to exchange any money for illegal activities is strictly prohibited.

5. While verbal conversation is welcome, any inappropriate behavior such as physical contact or rude behavior by a client is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate termination of all Maid Service with no refund.

6. PARKING must be provided/paid for by the client.

7. Any Use of a camera or video device during service calls is strictly prohibited.

8. ALL of our Employees at So Cal Hotties TOPLESS MAID Cleaning Service are in your home/Office to perform light cleaning services combined with the erotic thrill and as such, They are not dressed appropriately for heavy cleaning. If So they Have the Right to keep there Clothes on at all Times. GENERAL AND ADDITIONAL CLEANING SERVICES: ADDITIONAL "MORE DETAILED" cleaning includes all of the items found in the GENERAL cleaning checklist, but adds items that might apply for a move-in/out or more detailed cleaning. Our service is tailored to YOUR needs. There will be an Additional $35 fee for material needed in order to clean

8. Please Refrain Yourself or others from touching our So Cal Hotties TOPLESS MAID Service They will have every right to leave, Failure to comply results in immediate termination of services with out refund.

9. CANCELLATION AND LOCK OUT: A $50.00 fee is charged if you give us less than 24 hrs. notice of a cancellation, don't leave a key, or you are not at the site to let us in -- as arranged. If we fail to give you 24 hours notice of a necessary reschedule, we will credit you $50 towards your next Service.

10. So Cal Hotties TOPLESS MAID Service reserves the right to cancel any and all appointments or service for what ever reason we deem necessary. Failure to comply with the rules and conditions stated in this form will result in immediate termination of services with out refund, and may result in further legal actions up to and including legal fees, fines, and possible imprisonment

Pricing for Topless and Lingerie Maid Cleaning Services .
Topless Cleaning/ Maid Service: $100 per hour– 2 hours minimum plus Gratuity / $100 for each additional hour . Topless plus lingerie $300 – 2  hours minimum / $150 for each additional hour .

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